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In our shop, you can find a number of things you can order directly at Klaartje Jaspers & Co. It is a trial: as writers and creatives, we are not necessarily used to work like vendors. As journalists, we usually sell to publishers who think they know what their readers like. By cutting a few middleman, we could be more creative.

The shop may give you an idea of what we can do for you, and what prizes we charge. It is by no means complete. If you have any comments or would like to get an indication of the job you have at hand, please feel free to contact


Most of Klaartje’s journalistic articles can be read for free, you can Google ‘Klaartje Jaspers’ or check ‘Publications‘ for a tiny (ever outdated) selection. If you want to have a specific article written, contact Klaartje.


Tazara images, Zambia/Tanzania 2019, featuring:


SERVICES include:

  • creative concept development: find new ways to get your message across, using visual, verbal and artistic means
  • science & fiction: raise a debate, test if your inventions will be used as you expected, bring them to live with a character and a setting
  • research & reflections: give Klaartje a topic to research and a platform to express her findings
  • proof reading, editing
  • customising: converting your content to fit a new audience
  • poetry ‘light’, like Sinterklaas-poems, or rhymes to suit occasions
  • SEO-adaptations: make sure your website is easily found, using texts that speak to Google


If you want to support Klaartje’s independent journalism, you can (anonymously) donate any amount you like to NL83TRIO0784697310.
Please note that supporting Klaartje Jaspers does NOT allow you to claim any impact on our work. Our independency is important to us – without it, we could not exist.

Mind that Klaartje Jaspers is not ANBI-registered. If you prefer to help Klaartje’s initiatives AND be able to deduct your donation from your taxes, you may check if it is interesting for you to support Kambisa!BeHeard. instead. This will not help Klaartje Jaspers financially, but will help create the kind of innovative environment we want to work and live in.