Mobile Orchards

paying homage to fruit trees and the species that support them, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. started an initiative to increase knowledge on the richness of the forests, reviving traditional knowledge and providing ways to green the city and feed its inhabitants during times of urbanisation. Apart from designing mobile mini orchards and edible installations, we research and initiate food forests in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands, former peat and clay farmland) and Chilonga (Zambia, Miombo woodland under threat of deforestation).


Early 2002, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. initiated an independent magazine to help local Zambians express themselves in the media, and to bridge the information gap with news consumers in the West. The magazine was soon followed by a live radio programme, a series of films and documentaries, a theatre production and a range of demo’s of previously unrecorded musicians. Since 2006, Kambisa! also facilitates workshops in the Netherlands, and exchange programmes between Zambian and Dutch media makers, but also within local communities.

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Projects include:

  • Kambisa! PestKrant; a magazine about bullying and being bullied, made by a group of primary school kids, interviewing fellow students, neighbours & local authorities
  • Kambisa! DreamHouse; an (partly online) exchange project about dream houses. Students of a new Dutch secondary school in the old neighbourhood (Mariahoeve, The Hague), get to interview elderly residents about what they would want their neighbourhood to be like, before they set to visualise their own dream houses for a community exhibition. Meanwhile, students of a school for gifted children in Zevenaar and a range of community school in Lusaka (Zambia), do the same. The paintings and sculptures are put online, where students get to discuss their differences & motivations.
  • Kambisa!Exchange 2009; taking twelve Dutch ICT & Media students to Zambia to help realise the debut productions of aspiring filmmakers, musicians and theatre makers
  • Kambisa!OnScreen 2007; four Dutch filmmakers came to Zambia to help amateur film director tell a different story then the ones we usually see, taking them to the film festivals
  • Kambisa!OnAir; radio programme at UnZA FM. The show invited anybody to call in or send a SMS and invited guests like authors and experts, but most of all… the audience itself.

Visiting a lot of film festivals in Zanzibar & South(ern) Africa, Klaartje got to meet a lot of artists which could give us a fresh perspective on things. Their works, and those of fellow minded all over the world, were collected at

Samples of contributions of projects initiated by others:

The Broker, Sahel Watch

for the Broker’s Sahel Watch, a interactive time-line on Mali was made, and a interactive map of the area was drafted, indicating the various factors that can influence the current conflict. In addition, a number of stories and articles were written and edited.

Writers Unlimited, bidbook Science Unlimited

developing and writing the bidbook of a yearly interdisciplinary science festival putting science at the centre of debate, using the arts and combining perspectives from different sciences

Stichting Winternachten, StadsTori’s

realising a storytelling competition various mixed neighbourhoods in The Hague, helping participants to tell their story on stage