Sharing your story may seem a bigger challenge than you had in mind. What do you want to communicate, to who and why? What if you get criticism you are not prepared for? How can you use the attention you generate to create new partnerships and new ideas? Treat your idea to an outsider’s view.
Let us help you.


Any story starts with a question. How do you frame it to get the answers you need? Find the data that seems relevant. Where to find it, which sources did you overlook?


Time to organise the information. How was it measured, what purpose did it suit? What is relevant and reliable, what is not? Can we establish any patterns, relations?


You found your keystones, time for a brainstorm! Who do you want to reach, and what do you want them to do? Will you use facts or fiction, text or videos, data or drama?


Whether you are going to share your story as an interview, an article, a poem, a film, a rap or an entire bidbook, you will probably write to find the partners you need.


Once your story has been shared, it’s time to get the feedback that will help you grow and progress. Meeting a new audience will help boost many more stories to come!