Sometimes a true story is best spread as a fairytale, sometimes a living lie can become the new truth. We have to be careful how we select our self-fulfilling prophecies, and how we deselect what we take for granted.

As fiction can sometimes open minds where facts are failing, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. does not only make traditional journalistic reports, reviews and features, but also produces fiction, poetry, theatre or debates, combining arts and the sciences.

As the International Federation of Journalists declares: “Respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist“. As we respect the truth, and that public, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. hopes to fulfill this duty, using any means that can carry the message to the audience in any way – using facts, or using fiction.


Klaartje Jaspers & Co. speak and write Dutch & English, and occasionally some other languages* (Arab, French, chiBemba,… – ask for the possibilities). Some of the tools & products we can provide you with, separately or in combination, include:

  • print and online features, just text and/or multimedia
  • interactive data, info graphics*
  • reports
  • reviews
  • evaluations
  • research & analysis
  • social art installations
  • creative concepts for media productions, theatre & events*
  • jubilee publications
  • interviews
  • biographies
  • fairytales
  • children’s books & short stories
  • educational material
  • lyrics
  • scripts (theatre, film*)
  • workshops media education, film making, magazine making
  • projects facilitating social exchange, overcoming social tension
  • film, video, documentaries*
  • animation*
  • games, apps*

As we work together with third parties for a variety of products, marked with an *, production time may take a bit longer.



Mobile Orchards

paying homage to fruit trees and the species that support them, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. started MobileOrchards.com: an initiative to increase knowledge on the richness of the forests, reviving traditional knowledge and providing ways to green the city and feed its inhabitants during times of urbanisation. Apart from designing mobile mini orchards and edible installations, we research and initiate food forests in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands, former peat and clay farmland) and Chilonga (Zambia, Miombo woodland under threat of deforestation).


Early 2002, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. initiated an independent magazine to help local Zambians express themselves in the media, and to bridge the information gap with news consumers in the West. The magazine was soon followed by a live radio programme, a series of films and documentaries, a theatre production and a range of demo’s of previously unrecorded musicians. Since 2006, Kambisa! also facilitates workshops in the Netherlands, and exchange programmes between Zambian and Dutch media makers, but also within local communities.

>> see kambisa.org for more information

Projects include:

  • Kambisa! PestKrant; a magazine about bullying and being bullied, made by a group of primary school kids, interviewing fellow students, neighbours & local authorities
  • Kambisa! DreamHouse; an (partly online) exchange project about dream houses. Students of a new Dutch secondary school in the old neighbourhood (Mariahoeve, The Hague), get to interview elderly residents about what they would want their neighbourhood to be like, before they set to visualise their own dream houses for a community exhibition. Meanwhile, students of a school for gifted children in Zevenaar and a range of community school in Lusaka (Zambia), do the same. The paintings and sculptures are put online, where students get to discuss their differences & motivations.
  • Kambisa!Exchange 2009; taking twelve Dutch ICT & Media students to Zambia to help realise the debut productions of aspiring filmmakers, musicians and theatre makers
  • Kambisa!OnScreen 2007; four Dutch filmmakers came to Zambia to help amateur film director tell a different story then the ones we usually see, taking them to the film festivals
  • Kambisa!OnAir; radio programme at UnZA FM. The show invited anybody to call in or send a SMS and invited guests like authors and experts, but most of all… the audience itself.


Visiting a lot of film festivals in Zanzibar & South(ern) Africa, Klaartje got to meet a lot of artists which could give us a fresh perspective on things. Their works, and those of fellow minded all over the world, were collected at thinono.org

Samples of contributions of projects initiated by others:

The Broker, Sahel Watch

for the Broker’s Sahel Watch, a interactive time-line on Mali was made, and a interactive map of the area was drafted, indicating the various factors that can influence the current conflict. In addition, a number of stories and articles were written and edited.

Writers Unlimited, bidbook Science Unlimited

developing and writing the bidbook of a yearly interdisciplinary science festival putting science at the centre of debate, using the arts and combining perspectives from different sciences

Stichting Winternachten, StadsTori’s

realising a storytelling competition various mixed neighbourhoods in The Hague, helping participants to tell their story on stage


Previous work done by Klaartje Jaspers & Co. consists of a large number of publications in public media (print & online) as well as products like evaluations and year books for private entities. Besides researching, reporting and writing, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. also reviews, translates and edits works by others.

>> check: publications

theatre, debates, films, music, events
Klaartje Jaspers & Co. develops creative concepts to help you reach your audience. Depending on the reasons why you want a certain topic to be addressed and the audience that you want to get involved, we draft a concept for an event, social art installation or publication. Once we have agreed on the form and conditions, “&Co.” can come in: we call in the opera singers, directors and craftsmen we need, and start realizing what we’ve dreamed of.

>> check: projects


Below you can find a tiny selection of some articles, interviews, reviews and fictional writings I did before. Roughly starting with issues directly related to globalisation and Southern Africa, to descend into pieces on arts and culture.



  • on copper, mining and tax evasion:

– Populariteit elektrisch vervoer bedreigt kobaltkompels DR Congo

– Privatisering kopermijnen ramp voor mijnwerkers en voor Zambia (De Pers, Uitpers.be)

Koperen Ploert (OneWorld)

Zambia: crisis in de Copperbelt (ZAM)

The impact of tax havens on development (AfrikaStudies, NVAS)

  • on military peace operations in West and Central Africa

Bringing stability elsewhere, taking instability home (The Broker)

  • on refugees, migration policies & the UN

Nooit meer weg uit Zambia (OneWorld)

Zambia en Angola, valse beloftes en misinformatie (Groene Amsterdammer)

‘Ik moet schrijven, ik kan niet zwijgen’ (De Volkskrant)

Rode Kruis: noodhulp werkt slecht (De Volkskrant)

  • on foreign policy, Dutch-African relations, the IMF & the World Bank

Looking beyond success stories (The Broker)

– Dit jaar is er mais noch rijst (Internationale Samenwering)

– Alle reserves zijn uitgeput, honger dreigt in Malawi na tegenvallende oogst (Zuidelijk Afrika)

  • on science policy

Future of Dutch Science considered (Chemistry World)

  • on city planning, smart urbanism & architecture

– various articles on the website of HAACS, Nutshuis, Kosmopolis, STROOM and De Volkskrant

  • on multicultural societies, conflicts & collaborations (Dutch only)

Israël, Palestina en ik (News4All, Kosmopolis)

  • on (the export of) health & sickness

– Aidsbestrijding in Zambia – Pas op voor resistentie (Internationale Samenwerking)

Nederland is ziek van zelfzucht and it’s sequence Welvaartsziektes als exportproduct (News4All)

  • on art, music, films (also see ‘reviews’ & ‘interviews’ below):

– various articles & reviews for De Volkskrant, including Filmen met geld van schoonmama, Mooie films voor de opvoeding and Swingen op het ritme van de Lovetrain

The Apollo festival of Independent film South Africa (Africa Film &TV)

De heuglijke apocalypse van Saul Williams (News4All)

  • on journalism & debate (Dutch only)

Kranten moeten erkennen dat het putten uit andere bronnen gemeengoed is geworden (DNR)

Tussen Hollandse hoogmoed en andersoortige angsten: hoe gaat het met het debat in Nederland? (Eutopia)

– not by me, but about me: Vergeten Zambia is bron van inspiratie, by Marjolein Koster in De Buitenlandredactie



‘Het grote geld voor het milieu moet van bedrijven komen’, interview UNEP Director Klaus Töpfer (De Volkskrant)

“Dus ging Anil in zijn eentje de barricaden op” (Eutopia), series of interviews following the death of writer Anil Ramdas: curator Mirjam Shatanawi, publicist Mohammed Benzakour, sociologist Jude Kehla & professor social cohesion Ruben Gowricharn

‘Kunst heeft een morele vrijstelling’, interview Rob van Gerwen, huisfilosoof Centraal Museum (De Volkskrant)

From prisoner to presidential candidate, interview political activist Vera Chirwa, Malawi (Sister Namibia)

Italiaanse filmers zoeken de realiteit van Genua, interview Gillo Pontecorvo, director of ‘the Battle of Algiers (De Volkskrant)

‘Geweld in Zimbabwe zal afnemen’, interview  Basker Vashee (De Volkskrant)

REVIEWS (more on De Volkskrant)

De delicate spanning tussen Kigali en Hollywood, review Un Dimanche á Kigali (Robert Favreau, Canada 2006)

‘Je eet geen Chinees, je consumeert een imago’, review exhibition KXvNX by Hans Jungerius, Melle Smets, Jurr van Diggele en Rob Groot Zevert

Boeiend, maar weinig onthullend portret van Nixon, review BBC-documentary The secret world of Richard Nixon (De Volkskrant)



  • on white bias and the position of migrant women in Dutch society

Lachwangetje in Krantenland (WijBlijvenHier/Eutopia/Dwarse Vrouwen), originally written as a contribution to Dwarse Vrouwen, a review of the autonomy of women in the Netherlands, republished at Eutopia & WijBlijvenHier



– various lyrics for undisclosed musicians